Saturday, May 26, 2012

Discover What Happened on Forgotten WWII Battlefield

"Kiska Island is far and away the most significant battlefield remaining from World War II. Everything is there. It's just unbelievable."  Dirk Spennemann - professor of cultural heritage at Charles Sturt University in Australia.

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After visiting a ghost town in the Aleutians and learning about Kiska Island's unique history I decided to use it as the setting of my novel The Golden Catch

"I really enjoyed this book. Got me to the edge of my seat from the very beginning and kept me there. If you enjoy reading about sunken Japanese ships complete with old Japanese supplies from WWII, ancient treasures, volcanic caves with ancient korean battle carvings on the walls and I won't tell you what else for fear of disclosing too much of the story, then this is a must read. Kept me going all the way through the book. This is a real, honest edge of your seat read from start to finish. Grab it. You won't be sorry....."
Download your copy here: The Golden Catch 

Roger Weston writes fast-paced action packed novels in the tradition of Cussler, Reilly and Morrell. He has an interest in all things maritime and has read hundreds of shipwreck survival stories. You can find all of his novels and short stories at
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